Executive Board (2015-2016)

Bo Kim: C10914842_879514828778703_6914232091085516280_ohair, ’16

Hi! I’m a senior at McMurtry studying Economics and Art History with plans to attend law school. Born in Seoul, South Korea, I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and Houston, Texas. I became interested in Asian-American issues after working in DC and learning about specific legal, economic, and historical challenges affecting the Asian-American community.Recently, my attention has turned to the growing body of literature on food studies and its intersection with Asian-American history, issues, and identity. As a culmination of this interest, I’ll be teaching a student-taught course on Asian-American history through a lens of food, which you should definitely sign up for.In my free time, I enjoy attending concerts, going to art museums, and spending irresponsible amounts of time and money on trips to Chinatown and my favorite Houston coffee shops.

Eileen Huang: Vice Chair, ’17IMG_5869_2

Hello all! I am a junior from Martel majoring in Mathematical Economic Analysis and Political Science. Born in Nanning, China, later immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, and now studying in Houston, I have lived in cities with distinct social and political structures. I believe that learning about different opinions is the first step to eliminate discrimination. I love spending time working with APASA because we actively fight for justice and equality and educate each other through fun discussions! As APASA’s Vice Chair for 2015-2016, I hope to raise awareness on issues related to cultural and religious tolerance, immigration, and education rights. Responsible, hard working and nevertheless a little silly, I can be found catching up on my NREM sleep in strange places on campus and attempting to cook in college kitchens.

VinIMG_5855cent Nguyen: Vice Chair, ’18

Hello! I am a sophomore at Baker College, majoring in Sociology and Cognitive Sciences and am originally from Sugar Land, Texas. My hometown and high school (Kempner~~) are two of the most diverse places in the country in terms of racial split.  Naturally, I was exposed to a lot of different perspectives that encouraged me to recognize the powers of empathy and critical thinking. I became especially aware of discrimination and normalized social hierarchies during my high school debate career.  Relating to these concepts and seeing them within my life and my cultural experiences as an Asian-American was the natural next step. In my free time, I like to watch Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick movies, listen to bands like Blouse and Death Grips, play table tennis as well as regular tennis, read, and go on vacations with my family.

IMG_5863Ashley Cha: Vice Chair of Membership, ’17

Hello, I am a Martel junior from a suburb in Dallas, Texas, majoring in Psychology. The fact that discrimination still exists against Asian-Americans in our country on both a minor and major scale due to ignorance and/or instilled stereotypes motivates me to fight for justice and equality. Through APASA, I hope to empower others by educating them of these real issues and the potential impacts these obstacles have to our futures.

IMG_5844Elaine Shen: Co-Publicity Chair, ’18

Hello! I am a sophomore Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at McMurtry from Houston, Texas. Having lived here all my life, I have always wondered about how different APA histories and cultures converge in places like Chinatown and filter through the rest of the city. I became interested in APA issues after performing Chinese cultural dance for the APA and greater Houston community for most of my life. When I’m not shamelessly dancing in my room, I’m embarrassing myself in public and telling self-deprecating jokes. You can find me driving around Houston pretentiously seeking out cool places, attending concerts, daydreaming, talking to myself, and staring at pictures of the ocean.


IMG_5819Claire Peng: Co-Publicity Chair, ’18

Hey! I’m a sophomore at Martel (best college ever). I’m majoring in Kinesiology and Policy Studies and minoring in Biochemistry. I was born in New York, but I say I’m from Connecticut since that’s where I spent the majority of my life. I also lived in Shanghai and Taipei for a while too. Living in both the US and Asia, I could really see the differences between the cultures, and I became really interested in APA issues, since “local” Asians were so different from Asian Americans. With the little time I have when I’m not cramming for exams, I’m most likely watching TV shows, catching up on sleep, working out at the rec, eating, or just chilling with friends.

HIMG_5828_2arrison Lin: Secretary, ’18

Hey! I’m a Brown College sophomore prospectively studying Mechanical Engineering from Dallas, Texas. I got involved with APASA because I saw that the organization was not only making meaningful, lasting change within the Rice community, but also stimulating productive dialogue within the student body. I’m motivated to encourage racial acceptance, discourage limiting and demeaning stereotypes amongst the student body, and help bring solidarity amongst minority groups at our school. Fun facts: I design furniture, play volleyball, work at Coffeehouse, and love longboarding!

Manlin Yao: Treasurer, ’18IMG_5848

Hello! I’m a sophomore from Duncan. I am currently studying Cognitive Sciences and potentially Policy Studies. I’m from Houston near the Bellaire area. I was born in China but came over when I was half a year old. Over the years, I’ve become very interested in race, religion, gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic factors in an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional context. After being introduced to APASA at Rice I became more invested in APA issues, representation, and education. I enjoy so many things, including playing tennis, painting/sketching, singing, traveling, eating, and indulging in obsessive online shopping.


Andy Zhang: Service Chair, ’18

Hi! I’m sophomore from Jones College majoring in Bioengineering with a Certificate in Engineering Leadership, and I am originally from Beijing, China, but I immigrated to Houston when I was three years old. In my free time, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, watching Netflix, reading Michael Crichton novels, and drawing.



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