The Asian Pacific American Student Alliance (APASA) is a student organization at Rice dedicated to strengthening a pan-Asian-American identity by building awareness of and sharing commonalities between the uniquely diverse experiences of Asian Americans.

Our Mission

APASA was started in 2013 because there was no pan-Asian student group that existed previously, particularly to build consciousness towards issues facing Asian American students at Rice and the greater Asian American community.

APASA strives to promote unity in our community by educating students and raising consciousness about the unique and shared historical, cultural and sociopolitical experiences of Asian Americans.

APASA aims to develop this vision of empowerment, education, and inspiration at Rice by hosting a variety of events and initiatives throughout the year, such as roundtable discussions, film screenings, speakers, and media/art campaigns.

Furthermore, APASA seeks to encourage collaboration between the different cultural clubs on campus by holding monthly Board of Directors meetings with representatives from each organization.

APASA Executive board

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