1st General Meeting!

Last Wednesday, September 3, APASA had their first general meeting of the 2014-2015 school year. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce APASA to new members and welcome back the old.

first gm 2014
External Vice Chair Bo Kim gives a presentation introducing APASA to attendees at our first general meeting of the new year.
Approximately 50 students attended our first general meeting. What a turnout!

After enjoying some delicious froyo from Swirl, we introduced each of the officers.

External Vice Chair Bo gave a riveting presentation introducing APASA’s mission, our goals for the 2014-2015 year, and past events that we have held. He also announced upcoming events, including an upcoming comedy show featuring Jenny Yang, an accomplished stand up comedian from Los Angeles, who will be headlining our kickoff event for Asian American Heritage and Culture Month (AAHCM)!

The three pillars of APASA’s work, according to Bo: 1) community engagement, 2) advocacy, and 3) discourse.

An example of Jenny Yang’s work:


Afterward, we participated in an activity called the Asian American Historical Timeline, an activity that we had done last year at our first general meeting as well.

We broke up into small groups and discussed historical events from 1750 to the present day that affected the Asian American community, which were pre-printed on adhesive labels. Examples of such events included the hate crime leading to the historic murder of Vincent Chin, the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act, the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, and major milestones such as the first Asian-American Congressman.

Participants also wrote three personal life events on Post-Its, ranging from those in their past or present to ones they envisioned for the future. To put all of these events into perspective, each group then placed each of the adhesive labels with historic events, as well as their own Post-Its, onto a timeline that ranged from 1750 to 2050.

The turnout at this event was fantastic – almost 50 people attended! We were really thrilled to see all the new faces and are looking forward to an exciting new year with APASA!

To learn more about APASA and stay updated with our activities, please visit the following links:

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